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The DA-500 Drive Alert Vehicle Detection System is mounted easily in your home, office or pace of business. The system is complete with controller and 100' burial cable (available in 200' and 300' lengths upon checkout and longer lengths upon request).. The sensor is buried about 6" deep, parallel to the driveway or area being protected. By a simple adjustment at the control box, the sensitivity of the sensorís operating range and the length of sound time for the electronic whistle can be changed.

The Drive Alert works by sensing the motion of a metal object that passes within about eight feet of the buried metal sensor probe. When a car, truck, or other object passes the sensor, a signal is transmitted to the control panel which activates a small whistle to alert you of visitors.

The DA-500 Drive Alert Driveway Alarm System is the security industry's most-often used method for detecting a vehicle when it enters a driveway. A variety of features and options make this unit ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

The Drive Alert is a multi-purpose, solid-state electronic alarm system designed to detect vehicle traffic in driveways, farm lanes, intersections, and any areas where knowledge of vehicle movement is desired or necessary.

The Drive Alert allows homeowners to know when someone enters their driveway. The out-of-sight sensor detects moving objects in a nominal range of eight feet on either side of the sensor Ė and sends a signal to the master control unit, which sounds an electronic whistle.

The sensor, when placed alongside a stationary metal object (such as campers, farm tractors, RVs, boats, or gasoline tanks) will detect any movement of that object and sound an alarm, aiding the prevention of theft and vandalism.

Restaurants, banks, pharmacies and other businesses that utilize drive-up windows can use the Drive-Alert unit to signal a customerís arrival.

Industrial safety is improved by using the Drive Alert unit at busy or blind intersections, helping to prevent accidents by signaling the movement of vehicular traffic in these areas.

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