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Narrow Motion beam Driveway Alarm set

Both transmitter and receiver have antennas that allow 360 degree rotation and pull away from sides of boxes. For best results in communication between transmitter and receiver it is ideal for the antennas to be on the same plane. Example: (If one antenna is pointing up in the vertical position, then the other antenna should be pointing up also. If one antenna is in the horizontal position, then the other antenna needs to be horizontal and pointing at each other for optimum reception). When it comes to distance in communication between transmitter and receiver environmental condition need to be considered. Line of sight without obstacles is ideal. Every tree, bush, fence, car, building in direct line of sight will reduce communication between units. These units should give you approximately 1000’ range between transmitter and receiver. You may also add additional transmitters to one receiver or additional receivers to one transmitter.

The outdoor weatherproof transmitter unit that can be either side or overhead mounted. A 9V replaceable battery is included and is already installed for your convenience. In the back of the unit there are six dipswitches. Numbers 1-4 control the communication security codes that must match the receiver. Numbers 5 & 6 on the transmitter identifies which of up to 4 transmitters (zones) is sending a driveway motion alert. There is an antenna that can rotate for optimal transmission to the receiver up to a realistic 1000 feet away. The driveway beam projection at 25 feet is 1 foot square and at 50 feet it is 2 feet square.

The indoor receiver has a plug-in 12VDC power supply with a 6 foot cord. The receiver may be placed on a counter top, table or hung on the wall. The electronic LED counter feature allows you to either count customers or count unexpected visitors / vehicles moving in your driveway. There is a reset button next to the counter, when pressed it will zero out the counter. This unit also has six dipswitches on the back of this unit. Numbers 1-4 must match transmitter. Number 5 controls the output of the 12VDC terminals on the back of the receiver with a one second or five second 12VDC output, Number 6 is not used. The terminal screws on the receiver back give you the option of adding a bell, buzzer, horn, siren, strobe or anything that is 12VDC operated. The other speaker terminal (SPKR) screws allow you to add an auxiliary speaker via a wire connection to get the same “Ding Dong” sound as the receiver. A volume control knob adjusts volume on receiver and auxiliary speaker and a different tone is generated depending on which transmitter (zone) is activated. For optimal reception the antenna will swivel 360 °.

Product Instructions


  • Wireless range up to 1000 ft.
  • Up to 4 monitoring zones with unique audio alerts for each zone.
  • Extra speaker outlet to hear Informer alerts in a 2nd location.
  • Accessories connection (12VDC terminal) for items such as the Siren, Strobe Light, X-10 Interface, etc.
  • Built in re-settable LED counter.
  • One year battery life expected (at 500 rings per day).
  • Volume Control.
  • 12 Volt DC out.
  • 4 Sound Options.
  • Full 2 Year warranty.


Operating Frequency:

418 Mhz range

Battery Life:

1 year

Transmission Range (LOS):


Recommended Max Distance:


Detection Pattern:

at 25' - 1'x'1', at 50' - 2'x2'

Receiver Alert Output:

12VDC @ 400mA for 1 or 5 seconds

Receiver Addtl Speaker Output:

yes, see item 25-405

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$159.99 Reg.
$149.99 SALE


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