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Mier Driveway Alerts

The Mier Drive Alert Sytem is a wired driveway alarm system ideal for both residential and commercial applications. The wired vehicle detection system detects only moving metal (vehicles, cars, trucks) using a metal detection probe. The device has a built-in whistle and relay output. Not affected by weather or animals, birds, dogs, deer, etc. Excellent for commercial drive up windows, loading docks, etc.





  Driveway Alert Magnetic Vehicle Detector, Mier DA-500
How often have you been surprised or startled by an unexpected caller at your door? Or how often have you looked out your window to see a truck or car in your drive…or just leaving? In this day of rapidly rising crime in rural and suburban areas, you need to know who is entering your property. The Mier Drive Alert Vehicle Detector lets you know just that – by triggering an electronic sound or turning on a light in your home whenever it detects a vehicle in your driveway.
Item No. 60-800AS


  Mier Chime with Volume Control, DA655
Pleasant Chime with Volume Control. Pleasant sounding chime can be wired to the DA-500 Control Panel or the DA-600 Control Panel.
Item No. 60-801


  Wireless above ground Metal Vehicle Detection System, Mier DA-600
Introducing the new model DA-600 above ground Wireless Metal Vehicle Detection System. The New Wireless Drive Alert Vehicle Detection System detect vehicle movement in driveways, farm lanes, near workshops or equipment, and even at drive-up windows. Use it anywhere knowledge of vehicle movement is desired.
Item No. 60-810AS

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