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Drive Way Alert

Below you will find numerous Wireless Driveway Alert systems (wireless transmission range 600’ – 1000’), including infrared driveway motion detectors to detect people and cars, underground probes (parallel to driveway) to detect moving metal vehicles and the rubber air hose driveway motion sensors. Please note the transmission distance listed is for direct line-of-sight with no walls, trees, buildings, etc. in between. We recommend buying a wireless driveway alarm system that has a wireless transmission distance (to your inside monitor alert chime) approx. two times (2X) the actual distance to provide a reliable drive way security alarm system.





  Driveway Alarm Set, Rodann, RX/TX-2000A
This new Rodann model consists of two components. A transmitter and a receiver. This is the driveway alert chime of choice for any drive up or drive-thru application. Use at banks, pharmacies, drycleaners, convenience stores, coffee shops or any other drive thru application.
Item No. 25-402


  Extra Transmitter for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, TX-2000A
Extra Transmitter for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, RX/TX-2000A (item 25-402).
Item No. 25-404


  Extra Receiver for the Rodann Driveway Alarm, Set RX-2000A
Extra Receiver for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, RX/TX-2000A (item 25-402).
Item No. 25-403


  Wireless Motion Alert, CWA2000
Alert system that instantly tells you when and where someone enters your home or property. Ideal for home and business use.
Item No. 70-610


  Wireless Motion Alert Add-on Sensor, CWPIR
Extra add-on sensor to be used with the Wireless Motion Alert. Up to 4 sensors can be used for total perimeter coverage.
Item No. 70-611

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We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our driveway alarm systems product line to include a greater selection of wireless driveway alarms with a receiver transmission range up to 1000'; in the meantime please check out these links…

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