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Driveway Alert System Wireless

Below you will find numerous Driveway Alert System Wireless units (wireless transmission range 100’ – 599’), including infrared driveway motion detectors to detect people and cars. Please note the transmission distance listed is for direct line-of-sight with no walls, trees, buildings, etc. in between. We recommend buying a wireless driveway alarm system that has a wireless transmission distance (to your inside monitor alert chime) approx. two times (2X) the actual distance to provide a reliable driveway security alarm system.





  Driveway Patrol - Drive Way Alert - Wireless Driveway Alarm System
Wireless Driveway Alarm system that remotely alerts you when someone enters your driveway.
Item No. 10-741


  Driveway Alarm Set, Rodann, RX/TX-2000A
This new Rodann model consists of two components. A transmitter and a receiver. This is the driveway alert chime of choice for any drive up or drive-thru application. Use at banks, pharmacies, drycleaners, convenience stores, coffee shops or any other drive thru application.
Item No. 25-402


  Extra Receiver for the Rodann Driveway Alarm, Set RX-2000A
Extra Receiver for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, RX/TX-2000A (item 25-402).
Item No. 25-403


  Extra Transmitter for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, TX-2000A
Extra Transmitter for the Rodann Driveway Alarm Set, RX/TX-2000A (item 25-402).
Item No. 25-404


  Voice Alert System 6 - Wireless Motion Sensor Monitor Alert
Would you like to be alerted when ...
Cars are coming up the driveway • Children go inside your tool shed • Intruders approach the front or backyard • Someone enters your garage • Visitors are walking to the front door • Your parked boat or motor home has been boarded • Kids or pets are trampling your flowers • Someone is in the pool
Item No. 30-211


  Voice Alert System 6 Extra Sensor
Motion sensor for your voice Alert System 6 annunciator (item 30-211).
Item No. 30-212


  Wireless above ground Metal Vehicle Detection System, Mier DA-600
Introducing the new model DA-600 above ground Wireless Metal Vehicle Detection System. The New Wireless Drive Alert Vehicle Detection System detect vehicle movement in driveways, farm lanes, near workshops or equipment, and even at drive-up windows. Use it anywhere knowledge of vehicle movement is desired.
Item No. 60-810AS


  Optex Wireless 2000 Driveway / Visitor Alarm, RCTD-20U
The OPTEX Wireless 2000 Driveway and Entry System alerts you by 3 different chime tones and/or activates other electric devices (e.g. door strikes, lights, siren, CCTV) with relay output (RC-20). The system can be triggered by TD-20U motion detectors, TC-10U door contacts or manually by the TS-10U hand-held push-button transmitter. The new 2000ft.* transmission range can be extended by using the TR-10U repeater.
Item No. 80-505AS


  Optex RC20 Receiver
Additional 12 Zone RC20 Receiver for other rooms and buildings. Complete with volume control, 3 chime selections, remote low battery monitor alert, relay output with built in timer, indicator alert lights to identify area and power transformer.
Item No. 80-506AS


  Optex TD20U PIR Transmitter
Additional Sensor/Transmitter for monitoring second driveways, walkways, yards, pools.
Item No. 80-507AS

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We are in the process of identifying new products & sources to expand our specialty alarms product line to include a greater selection of wireless driveway alarms with a receiver transmission range up to 600'; in the meantime please check out these links…

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