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Drive Thru Bell

A drive thru bell is a great way for businesses to be alerted whenever a customer enters the drive-thru lane. While a basic system will provide you with everything you need to get started, you can also purchase accessories that will help enhance your system’s functionality. Here are our four favorite accessories:

Siren or Chime

Adding a siren or chime to your system will better alert staff when a customer needs assistance or when an employee enters a particular area. We offer weatherproof sirens with a 110db and 115db. These are ideal for loud industrial settings where the normal system chime may not easily be heard.

Chimes are a great way to alert your staff of a customer’s presence, and can be placed in multiple locations. We offer a remote chime as well as an auxiliary chime and an electric sounder.

You can also purchase accessories that change the tone of your chime or siren to something more pleasant, like Westminster chime or London Bridge.

Handheld Transmitter

Our Optex TS10 Handheld Transmitter works with RC10 receivers. This portable transmitter can be used as a desk buzzer, a room chime, wireless doorbell, or even a panic button. This transmitter can be mounted onto a wall, or clipped onto your belt for easy access. Powered by 2 AA batteries, this transmitter is a must-have for RC10 systems.

We also offer a MURS alert portable receiver and transmitter that will not only alert you when the alarm is triggered, but can also be used for two-way voice communication. Unlike other systems, alerts are spoken in English and correspond to its respective zone (i.e. “Alert Zone Two”). For the monitoring of remote locations, this transmitter is a must have.

Strobe Light

Sometimes, sirens and chimes are not enough to grab the attention of workers. In industrial settings and even auto repair shops, strobe lights tend to be the best accessory for drive thru bells. They’re also a great option for alerting those who are hearing impaired.

Our bright flashing light strobe connects to Channel 1 of Optex receivers and the output relay of many of our other receivers. It is available in four colors: Amber, Blue, Clear and Red.


Want to know how many people and vehicles your system has detected? Our convenient electronic counter can help you do just that. The LCD displays the number of vehicles and people the system has detected.

Simply connect the counter to your system’s relay output to start counting. The great thing about this counter is that it has its own internal battery that lasts for years. The counter has a maximum length of eight digits with a counting range of 0 to 99999999.

In addition to these accessories, you can also purchase additional sensors and transmitters in most cases to extend your coverage area. Most systems allow up to four sensors, which means that you can monitor up to four different areas with just one drive thru bell system. This is ideal for both commercial and industrial businesses that use drive-thru systems or require the monitoring of employee activity.

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