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Driveway Vehicle Sensor

Driveway vehicle sensors can be a bit confusing to the non-expert. When you池e looking to buy a new sensor, there are a few features that will really make one sensor better than the rest. Aside from affordability, we値l be discussing the benefits of these sensors and what features, as a first-time buyer, you値l want to consider.

Types of Sensors

There are various types of sensors available. The one you choose will depend on your ultimate needs. The following sensors are most common:
  • Infrared: Easy to install and affordable. These alarms will detect motion and send out a signal.
  • Magnetic Probe: Ideal for vehicle detection. These alarms are a little harder to install, but they produce fewer false alarms and work very well.
  • Air Hose: An older model that works with vehicles. Often seen in commercial settings, these hoses are very accurate and affordable.
The sensor you choose is purely preference and based on your needs.

Features to Consider

Owning a driveway vehicle sensor means that you need to be able to utilize all of the features at your disposal. A few of the most pertinent features are:
  • Alert Type: Can your model have its alert type changed? Some people want voice alerts, others sounds, and others want a light to illuminate when a signal is received.
  • Weather Maximums: Not a concern everywhere in the world. Operating minimum and maximum temperatures should be considered if your locale is exceptionally hot or cold.
  • Range: The overall range of your transmitter is very important. Some only go 100 feet, and some have a range of 2 miles or more. Knowing what your needs are and the capability of your model is ideal. Remember, signal distance will deteriorate if obstacles are in the path of the signal.
  • Zones: Do you need to monitor more than one zone at a time. Many models will allow you to have numerous sensors and one receiver that offers different tones for all zones. For expandability, zones are a must-have.
  • Accessories: A nice addition to any sensor. Some models allow for the ability to add accessories to the receiver. That is, you may be able to add flashing lights or a horn when the receiver gets a signal.
  • Sensitivity: Changing sensitivity levels is one of the best ways to reduce false alerts. If a transmitter does not allow you to change sensitivity levels, you値l be stuck with a system that produces alerts that cannot be altered.
Features are one of the most important aspects of a sensor. While all of the above are not a must-have for everyone, they are definitely worth considering before making your next purchase.

Finally, you値l want a high quality alarm, such as one made by Dakota that is well rated and trusted. A warranty should also be a consideration and will add a little extra to your investment.

Once you decide on the perfect driveway alert for you, simply install the unit and test it out. You値l be surprised by how accurate and easy these alerts are to install and maintain.

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