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Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm

A Dakota Alert driveway alarm is a great addition to any home or business. No matter whether you want to improve security, provide better customer service or just keep an eye on your property, any one of the alarms in the brand’s inventory will get the job done. But before we talk about what a driveway alarm can do for you, let’s first explain what exactly a driveway alarm is.

What is a Driveway Alarm?

Simply put, a driveway alarm is a type of alert system that notifies you when a person or vehicle has entered your driveway. The term “driveway” is used loosely here as you can place this type of system just about anywhere in most cases.

Here’s how it works:

A driveway alarm system has two main components: a base station and a sensor. There are three main types of sensors, and each one is used to detect a different things.
  • A passive infrared sensor (PIR) detects motion. This type of sensor can detect both people and vehicles. It may also detect animals.
  • A rubber hose sensor detects mainly vehicles. This sensor consists of a rubber hose that is laid out on the ground. When a vehicle drives over the hose, it sends a signal to the base station to let you know that someone is here.
  • A magnetic sensor is used to detect vehicles only. These sensors are buried in the ground and are triggered when vehicles pass by or over them.
When the sensor detects activity, it sends a signal to the base station. Depending on the system you purchase, the station may buzz, beep, chime or play a special musical tone.

Now that you understand what driveway alarms are, let’s discuss the benefits of owning one.

Improved Home Security

When most people purchase driveway alarms, they do so with the intention of improving their home’s security. These systems can be used in conjunction with other home security measures to deter thieves every step of the way.

Dakota Alert offers alarm systems that can either flash when triggered, emit a siren or both. The noise and flashing lights should be more than enough to send thieves running for the hills. For home security purposes, PIR alarm systems are the best option because they detect both vehicles and people.

Improved Customer Service

If you run a business, a driveway alert system can help improve your customer service by alerting you whenever a customer arrives. This is particularly useful for businesses that offer drive-thru services.

Rubber hose and magnetic alarm systems work best for this purpose. A hose or magnetic sensor can be placed at the beginning of the drive-thru lane to alert you when a customer is approaching. This ensures that your staff is ready to assist them with whatever they may need.

Maintain Awareness

Driveway alerts are often used in industrial settings to alert management and supervisors of employee and visitor activity. Alerts may be placed at specific gates or sensitive areas so that staff can keep a close eye on who is coming and going from these areas.

These are just a few of the many things that a driveway alarm can do for you. For residential or commercial purposes, an alert system can help you keep a close eye on your property and improve security.

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