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Magnetic Driveway Sensor: Complete Alert and Security

Home and business users of a magnetic driveway sensor will find that they are able to secure their premises in an affordable, functional manner. Driveway sensors can be used for basic security in a residential setting or for customer awareness in a commercial setting. If a customer pulls into a busy auto shop, they can be greeted at the desk when they walk in thanks to the sensor alerting personnel that someone has arrived.

How Magnetic Sensors Work

Using a magnetic sensor is the optimal choice when wanting to be alerted only for vehicles. These sensors will not pick up the following:
•   People
•   Animals

Unlike other sensor types, these models are nearly error free in their detection. For a strict automobile driveway alert, these magnetic driveway sensor alarms are always the best choice.
Furthermore, the sensor can be placed next to a metal object. The only detection that will occur is when a metal object has triggered the sensor AND is in motion. If a vehicle is in the driveway and parked, the alarm will not continually go off. Instead, it will stop alerting once the vehicle is no longer in motion.

Benefits of a Magnetic Probe

Magnetic probes also have numerous benefits. These benefits are often best suited for commercial use:
•   Wired and wireless versions are available. Wireless versions must have a clear path to the monitored area.
•   The probe that detects the vehicle is completely hidden in most cases. Typically, the probe will be buried in the ground.
•   Detection is only seen when a metal object moves over the probe.

There are a variety of options to choose from. You’ll find that many companies recommend Dakota as their manufacturer of choice. Let’s take a look at two of the best magnetic probe sensors on the market.

Dakota WPA-3000

Affordable and functional. The WPA-3000 wireless probe can send a signal up to 600 feet away and has a detection distance of 10 – 12 feet.

The product features:
•   Temperature range of -30F – 120F.
•   Four zone monitoring capability with multiple transmitters.
•   A maximum transmission distance of 600 feet.

This model is completely weatherproof and the ideal choice in locations where animals or people set off false alarms frequently. Ran on just one 9-volt battery, this is an affordable, durable magnetic driveway sensor.


MURS is one of the most popular series in the industry and their wireless probe simply stuns. Whether in rain, snow or areas with heavy animal populations, MURS will provide adequate detection.

False alarms are all but gone with this model and the range is the maximum allowed by the FCC.

This model features:
•   Up to 4 zone capabilities.
•   2-way voice communication.
•   Signals up to two miles between the transmitter and receiver.

Users can also choose to add various transmitters that will detect people if necessary.

Installation of a magnetic driveway sensor is simple and straightforward. With the introduction of zones, it is also possible to provide multiple areas of monitoring or allow for specific zones to detect animals, humans, vehicles or all at one time.

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