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Driveway Wireless Alert: An Optimal Choice

A driveway wireless alert allows for a non-wired or hose setup to accurately detect people or vehicles, depending on your needs. These alerts are not only affordable, but they are simple to install and require very little maintenance or upkeep. A simple battery change is usually all that is needed to be able to run these alerts all year long without an issue.

Infrared Detection

Infrared driveway alerts are a popular choice because the detect 'heat' motion. These alerts will detect the presence of a person or vehicle through the heat that they emit. For instance, if a person is within the sensorís range, the only thing that will be detected is the change in the heat. These alarms are not motion sensitive.

Vehicles can pass through these sensors as well, and the alert will send a signal back to the receiver.

For commercial settings, this can help alert a store of potential customers. It is a great way to detect a person or vehicle, and works very well.

Magnetic Detection

Magnetic detection systems work only with metal (vehicle) movement. Essentially, there will be a probe placed in the ground that will detect the presence of a moving vehicle. These sensors are very popular in automotive shops simply because they do not have many, if any, false alerts experienced. These are highly accurate and will not send an alert signal unless a large, metal object moves past the sensor.

Zone Possibilities and Expansion

Driveway wireless alerts are the optimal choice because they allow for zones to be created. Many manufacturers of magnetic alerts have also allowed for accessories to be purchased to allow for each zone to have a different detection type and/or different signal type for each sensor.

Most zone-capable models allow for 4 zones of monitoring. This is ideal for businesses or residential homeowners who want to monitor many points of entrance. The ability to expand the coverage area is definitely a major advantage seen over wired models that have much less flexibility in this area.

Main Features to Consider

What makes one model better than the next? This is a great question that needs to be fully explained. The main features that will change from one model to the next are:
  • Range: How long the actual transmission range is from the transmitter to the receiver.
  • Type: Infrared, pressure tube or magnetic. Pressure tubes are not truly wireless since the tube is present.
  • Zone Capability: If multiple zones are desirable, the ability to add zones will be a major concern. Many models come with this option, but there are a lot that do not include zones.
  • Alert Type: The ability to change the sound heard when detection occurs. This is even more important if zones are currently in use.
Wireless options are easy to install and easy to manage. There is less worry about wear and tear as well as less upkeep involved. Wireless models may not be the best choice if there is not a clear line of sight to the detection area. If this is the case, a wired driveway alert may be the optimal choice.

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