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Dakota Alert Wireless Driveway Monitor – Keeping Your Property Safe

A Dakota Alert wireless driveway monitor allows you to keep a watchful eye on your property in a convenient way. The company offers a wide range of alert products, including the MURS Alert (2 mile wireless range), the 2500 series (1/2 mile range) and the 3000 series (600 foot wireless range). No matter whether you want to monitor your home or place of business, Dakota has an alert product that will suit your needs.

How Wireless Driveway Monitors Work

A wireless driveway monitor can send a wireless signal up to two plus miles. Installation is a breeze, and because there is no complicated wiring involved, you can easily move your sensor from one location to another to monitor several different areas of your property. If your property is remote or you’re simply looking for a convenient way to monitor activity on your property, a wireless monitor is a great option.

There are three different types of sensors available: air hoses, infrared and metallic probe. While air hoses and magnetic detection probes are useful and effective in certain situations or environments, infrared sensors are the preferred choice if you want to be alerted when people or vehicles enter your property.

Why Infrared Sensors are Ideal

Infrared sensors detect heat. They’re highly effective at detecting both people and vehicles that may enter a property. Oftentimes, people confuse infrared sensors with <"">motion sensors, but these are two entirely different types of sensors. The sensor will not detect any motion coming from objects that are the same temperature as the environment. In other words, if a pile of leaves blows past your sensor, it will not send an alert.

Infrared sensors can be placed on trees, posts and other sturdy outdoor surfaces. They can be placed in numerous areas throughout your property to monitor activity in those regions. Placing the sensors on a tree or fence post near your driveway will alert you when a person or vehicle enters your property. Placing the sensor in the pool area will alert you if someone enters the pool area. This is ideal for families with small children and where pool safety is a primary concern.

The key to using an infrared sensor effectively is to place it in the right location and at the right height. Ideally, the sensor should be placed at the same height as a car engine for easy vehicle detection. This is also the optimal height for detecting people while minimizing false alarms triggered by small animals.

Although infrared sensors are the ideal choice for the detection of vehicles and people, Dakota Alert also offers a number of other driveway monitoring systems, including magnetic detection probe and air hose systems.

A magnetic probe system will only detect vehicles (or metal objects) that enter the area, while an air hose system will send a signal each time a person or vehicle places pressure on the hose.

Each type of monitoring system has its own benefits and unique qualities. The right one for you will depend on your needs and your budget. In either case, Dakota will have the right product for you.

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