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Dakota Alert Driveway Systems

Dakota Alert Driveway Systems: Examining the 2500 and 3000 Series

Dakota alert driveway systems are some of the most popular in the world. A well-known name, Dakota is prized for their exceptional customer support, long-lasting products and supreme detection capability. You will find that there are two main series on the market: 2500 and 3000.

Lets take a more in-depth look at each series.

Detection Types

The three sensor types seen on both the 2500 and 3000 models have the following benefits and functionality.
  • Motion detection: Quick and easy motion detection. These alarms are able to detect humans and vehicles. False alarms are more common, but motion detector sensors allow for the utmost in detection flexibility.
  • Vehicle detector: Using strict metal detection, these alerts will detect large metal objects, automobiles or trucks that pass over them.
  • Pressure sensor: Utilizing a hose. These sensors are triggered when a vehicle drives over them and an alert is sent back to the receiver.
The functionalities of these sensors must be kept in mind when purchasing a driveway alert. Depending on your needs, an ideal sensor type should be chosen.

Dakota 2500 Series

A full lineup of wireless alerts. The main selling point of the Dakota Alert 2500 series is that there is a 2500 foot rated wireless distance. This means that the transmitter and receiver can be up to a maximum 2500 feet apart at all times. For true early detection, this is a great choice.

The standard driveway announcer seen with these models is the DCR-2500. This announcer features:
  • Four relays
  • 12VDC output
  • Output adjustments
  • Four selectable alert sounds (one for each sensor if wanted)
  • programmable exit delay
This is the backbone of the 2500 series, and with four C relays, you will be able to create multiple detection areas or zones that can be monitored at all times.

Dakota 3000 Series

The newest in Dakota alert driveway technology. This Dakota Alert series 3000 has a range of 600 feet and uses motion sensors and wireless technology to function.

The receiver, the WR-3000 is seen with all 3000 series products. This receiver plugs into the wall and has the following functionality:
  • 600 foot maximum range
  • Four relays for zone monitoring
  • Four alert tones: classic, ding dong, whistle and Westminster chime
  • Volume control
  • Several second chimes
The receiver does bring together the best functionality on the market and is just one of the many reasons for the success of this series.

With wireless driveway alerts, it is important to have a straight, uninterrupted line between the transmitter and receiver. If the line is broken or there are trees or other objects in the way, it can cause a signal to be lost in transmission and you should purchase a driveway alert system rated 3 to 4 times the required straight line distance.

There are also infrared sensors that will be seen in both series. These sensors are a little different in the fact that they do not detect motion. Instead, these sensors will detect heat fluctuations to determine if a person or object is within detection range. For instance, a warm vehicle or an animal will be detected with this sensor. The only time false detection will occur is when the object is the same exact temperature as the outside. This can occur, but it is very rare.

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