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Driveway Bells – Putting a Twist on an Old Classic

There was a time, especially in rural towns, when gas stations weren’t teeming with cars ready to have their gas filled. In fact, there was a time when the attendants at the gas station had to peer out the windows or sit outside waiting for a new customer to come. As technology advanced, customers started to notice bells go off when they would pull into the gas station. These were air hose bells that are still in use in some gas stations today.

Oftentimes, consumers think of these bells and get them confused with the driveway bell. While the concept is still the same, technology has progressed greatly, which makes the modern approach more accommodating and easy to use.

How a Driveway Bell Works

When someone pulls into your driveway, the bell will be triggered alerting you of a visitor. This is due to the air hose being placed across your driveway. This is just like how the gas station air hoses would work. When the wheel of an automobile drives over the driveway bell, it will cut off the flow of air and set the bell in motion.

Now, an alert will be prompted to the user. While very similar, the bells of today are often wireless. This means that you can place them at the end of your driveway and never have to worry about pesky wires or setups in the process.

Alerting Measures

Gas air hose bells would not produce sound inside of a building. Instead, an actual bell would ring and was likely placed on the outside of the building. While convenient at the time, these bells are easy to miss when indoors.

A driveway bell is much different. Once setup, you can be alerted of the visitor to your home or the customer driving into the parking lot right inside of the building. A receiver will be placed in an indoor location and there are easy-to-use settings that allow you to change the sound with ease.

A chime, bell or other sound can be chosen with most modern driveway bells.

Completely Wireless

Using a receiver, as seen with the Dakota Wireless Alert 3000, it is possible for the bells of today to be completely wireless. Minus placing the hose, there are no complicated setups needed. Some alerts have shorter ranges than others, but the 3000 has a 600 feet range which is very generous and allows for you to be alerted from across a parking lot.

Using the old gas station concept, it is possible to use a drive way alert system that is robust, yet easy to setup. You can also setup multiple transmitters that will send out an alert from up to 4 zones with the Dakota 3000. Using relays, you will be able to pinpoint the location of entry and serve your customers better in the process.

Different alerts can be setup for respective zones for the utmost in accuracy. Now, you will never mistake a driveway bell for an old gas station air bell again.

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