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Driveway Alarms Wireless for your car and home security

Did you know that it takes a thief only three minutes to steal a car? The vehicle that you worked so hard to purchase and rely on for transportation could be gone in the blink of an eye. Nearly one million cars are stolen in the United States each year, and itís not the expensive luxury cars that thieves are after. In fact, most car thieves focus on stealing older models.

Not only are older vehicles easier to break into, but these models are typically not equipped with sophisticated and complicated alarm systems. If you drive an older vehicle, you are a prime target for car thieves.

Parked Cars are Targets of Thieves
Most car thieves focus on stealing cars parked in driveways or on the street. This eliminates the complication of having to enter the property. It also makes it easier to escape the scene.

For most homeowners, the driveway is the most convenient and practical place to park their vehicle. If you own multiple cars, your driveway may be your only option for parking and storing your vehicles.

How can car owners like you defend their cars from devious car thieves? A wireless driveway alarm may just be the solution youíre looking for.

How Driveway Alarms Wireless Prevents Car Theft
A wireless drive alarm system can stop a thief dead in his tracks. Well-lit streets are a deterrent for thieves, but knowing that a homeís driveway is monitored by a surveillance camera and alarm system is an even bigger deterrent.

The way a wireless driveway alarm system works is fairly simple and straightforward. A sensor is placed where you wish to detect the intruder. In this case, you would install the sensor in your driveway area. A camera is also installed so that you can actively monitor the activity in your homeís driveway.

A variety of sensor types can be used with your alarm system, but motion sensors are the most common and practical choice. The sensor triggers the alarm when an intruder is detected. Depending on the system you choose, the alarm may emit a loud siren, bright lights or both. Some models will also alert the authorities for you.

The bright flashing lights and loud sirens will alert others of the suspicious activity and put the thief at great risk of being caught. Chances are, car thieves will avoid your driveway if they know your home is protected. Decals and stickers placed in prominent locations are more likely to be seen by intruders and may just send them running for the hills.

Things to Consider
While itís perfectly legal to install surveillance cameras on your property in most states, itís important to check local laws to ensure that your driveway alarm can be installed legally.

Itís also important to take the time to shop around and find an alarm system that meets your needs. Depending on the size of your property, you may need to purchase a system with a longer transmitter/receiver range. You will also need to determine whether or not you want to use a motion sensor or another type of sensor, such as a magnetic field or metal vehicle sensor.

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