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Driveway Chime: Reviewing Dakota Alert DCRH-2500

Dakota Alert is known for their superior quality and innovative features. The DCRH-2500 is no exception and produces a clear driveway chime and allows for accessories to be added that make it even more powerful.

This model is weatherproof and has a range of up to ½ a mile. Let’s take a look at the features that make this one of the best models that money can buy.

DCRH-2500 Features

• ½ mile radius • Driveway hose • Weatherproof • 4 zone monitoring capability • Precise zone sound settings • Can be mounted • Four unique sound settings • Volume control • Zone lights to ensure monitoring • Utilizes a 9-volt battery

Setup Basics

Upon unpacking, the DCHT-2500 takes less than 30 minutes to setup. Users can follow these steps to get started as quickly as possible. 1. Locate the transmitter and the hose 2. Attach the hose to the transmitter 3. Lay the hose across your driveway The hose must be laid horizontally across the driveway so that any entering vehicles must go over the hose. Now, you simply need to place the 9-volt battery into the transmitter and your system is now properly connected, but the setup is not done just yet.

Now, you will want to grab the instruction manual to choose the right frequency. The instructions are very detailed and will guide you through the entire process.

Sound Settings

There are numerous sound settings to choose from. Using your driveway chime system, you can choose between: • Chime • Classical • Dingdong • Whistle The sound type is completely up to you to choose. This is a very important feature to remember if you want to setup up to 4 unique zones to monitor. Sounds can be set for each particular zone so that you have a proper alert signal that tells you precisely the zone to inspect.

Zone Expansion

Using the different frequencies, you can setup a total of 4 zones. Additional transmitters will be required, but this is an ideal option for businesses. Each zone can be programmed so that a unique sound is played when a vehicle goes over the hose.

On the receiver, there are zone lights that will allow you to see which zones are currently being monitored.

Accessory Potential

Accessories can be purchased for this model that allow it to be even more versatile. An indoor loud siren is available and is the perfect option for shops or warehouses when indoor sounds may exceed that of the normal receiver.

Using only other 2500 transmitters, “C” relays can be setup to easily monitor exit, entrance and various other zones at one time all controlled with one central receiver.

Driveway chime alerts are great for residential use and will allow you to easily know when a vehicle has entered your property. With a low entry cost, this model is perfect for homeowners that want an affordable way to secure their driveway. Businesses with one entrance will find that this model is great and it really begins to shine when you connect more transmitters and utilize all of the zone capability provided.

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