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Driveway Motion Detector

We’ve all been surprised when a vehicle or a person shows up unexpected. Driveway motion detectors can offer a little more warning. Prepare for the unexpected visitor with an extra few minutes by using a driveway motion alarm.

Driveway motion alarms can detect vehicles, though most do not detect people or animals. Passive infrared will detect anything in motion and can be set back so it is not next to the driveway. These, like most detectors, will sense and alert you to anything within range of the entrance at which it has been placed. Most have a wireless range between 600 and 2000 feet. This variety also has the longest battery life. Passive infrared driveway motion detectors also have the lowest price of most driveway motion detectors.

These will, however, detect animals moving. This can sometimes be disconcerting late at night when you go to check what the alarm was and nothing is there. Occasionally these driveway motion detectors will be affected by bright lights and reflections, but this is very rare.

Metal detection probes will not detect animals. False alarms with this type of driveway motion detector are rare. These would be perfect for a business where the employees require flexibility in location on the property. A metal detection probe driveway motion detector would alert workers to approaching vehicles and allow them time to return to the main area of business. These kind will not detect people, and so there will still be the occasional surprise foot traffic arriving unannounced at your home or small business.

The rubber air hose driveway motion detector is the simplest to install and, like the passive infrared, works up to 600 to 2000 feet away from the alarm panel. These are often found in service stations, but can be perfect for homes with longer driveways too. There are absolutely no false alarms with this variety of driveway motion detector, it detects vehicles only. The hose will wear out over time, as any rubber will do. If there is ice or snow on the ground, the functionality of the hose will be diminished or it will be completely useless.

From passive infrared to rubber hose, you can cover multiple entrances with any of these options. A driveway motion detector can be an invaluable tool for knowing when someone is approaching your house or small business. Some models have pagers that work up 2500 feet away. Unfortunately there are no simple motion detectors that hook up to your smartphone that are not home security systems as well.

Some models have auxiliary connections for exterior alarms and lights, others make pleasant charm noises on the sensor. There are driveway motion detectors to suit any need and preference. Get the security of alarms without the expense of a home security system. However, you will either have to endure false alarms, or detect vehicles only. As of this time there is no system that will detect only vehicles and people that does not detect animals as well.

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