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Driveway Monitors

What are Driveway Monitors?

Driveway Monitors are devices that monitor the entry of your driveway by people, animals or vehicles. They have a motion detector sensor that will trigger a security alarm when its sensors detect movement. Installing a driveway monitor for your home or business office, you will instantly get notified when someone enters your property or driveway. You can also add extra wired or wireless driveway monitors (sensors and alert devices) to provide a more secured level of entry through an alert chime, bell or siren, or an automated announcer. These devices are available in wired and wireless designs.

The Benefits of Driveway Monitors

  • Driveway monitors help to secure your drive and help to keep intruders in check.
  • Your property is safe. Any property that you keep outside your house, like your car is safe, with driveway monitor installed. A driveway monitor will alert you if anyone comes near your property.
  • You can monitor kids playing outdoors when you are busy indoors. You will be signaled when they wander off the driveway into the street.
  • It helps to monitor security of large properties, outhouses or separated buildings. By placing the monitors strategically along the driveway, you can detect any trespass.
  • You get an alert when guests or service person you are expecting arrives.

Types of Driveway Monitors

There are many types of wired and wireless driveway sensors to choose from, we have infrared alarms, magnet metal detector and rubber air hose.
  • Infrared Alarm: This alarm system detects the moving heat or motion of people walking, moving vehicles, and large animals in motion. This is the best if you need to detect people in your driveway, yard, entry way, etc. It projects an infrared or laser beam to observe a particular location. Anything that interrupts the beam activates a transmitter, which sends a signal to a receiver at the other location. The receiver then gives off a sound, it could be a chime or tune, to alert you that someone has broken or crossed the beam. These alarms only come in a wireless design and are easy to install.
  • Metal Sensing Probes: This driveway alarm system senses moving metal only. This is the system if you do not want false alarm from animals and people moving. It may be located very close to a metal, it only sends signal when a car moves near it. But to avoid false alarms, it is better to install it in an area where no other vehicle or moving metal passes through. It is also called the magnetic metal detection
  • Rubber Air Hose: This device detects the weight of vehicles driving over them. It is ideal where you do not want the detection of people or animals. It is worthy of note that snowfall can deactivate the hose.

Tips for Selecting Driveway Monitors

  • Determine transmission range you need before selecting which type. Driveway monitors come in different ranges; therefore, you need to determine the minimum range you need the monitor for. This will ensure the functionality of your monitor. If the range or distance you want it to cover is wider than the distance capacity of the monitor, it will fail, even if it performs. An optimal device should cover up to 1,000 feet in an open area.
  • Determine why you need a driveway monitor. Do you want to monitor people, vehicles or animal? Your need or purpose will determine which type to choose.
  • Find out if there is any device that can cause interference between the sensor and the receiver. It could be a tree or a hill.
  • Determine the number of sensors and receivers that you need, especially if you are installing it in large areas.
  • Check the adaptability of the driveway monitor you deem suitable. Find out if it is waterproof or if it can sense properly at night.


Driveway monitors can be set up in no time, easily and quickly wherever you need it, either home or business. Regardless of where you live you must ensure that the driveway entrance to your home is secured.
Driveway monitors are relatively simple to install, and affordable. They run on battery and make use motion recognition technology to transmit a signal to the receiver. When somebody eventually crosses the beam of the sensor, the alarm inside will issue chimes or any loud signal to alert you. To safeguard optimal performance, follow the tips below.
  • Ensure that you do not exceed maximum capacity range of the device when setting up. Remove anything that could hinder the transmission of signals from the sensor to the receiver.
  • Test the device after installation to be sure that it has been set up properly.
  • Check and replace the batteries in the transmitter and receiver with new pieces regularly. Do not let the batteries totally discharge before you change them, so as not to expose your home or property to danger.

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