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Driveway Sensor

Driveway Sensor:
Driveway alarm systems are an integral part of the home and commercial security systems and with passage of time they are fast becoming a necessity for every home and commercial business owner. Whether you go for wired alarm system or wireless system, you have to choose what kind of sensor carries out your need.

Why a Driveway Sensor is So Important?
Driveway sensors are the integral part of the security system. Every alarm system has two main parts, a sensor and receiver. Sensor does the most important job in the whole working of the system. It’s the eye and ear of the system, the whole alarm and security system is dependent upon the sensor. All the activity is monitored by the sensor, from sensing heat to the activities of animals, people and vehicles. The whole system is useless, blind and deaf without a correctly working sensor.

Different Types of Sensors:
Driveway sensors come in different categories, all of them are manufactured with a sole motive to detect the movement but they differ in detecting the objects and not all of the sensors use the same technique for detecting movements and objects.

Infra Red Sensors:
The biggest advantage of infra red sensors is that they never sleep, working and monitoring your locality every single second.

•   They can sense heat
•   They can sense vehicle movement
•   They can sense human movement
•   They are easy to install
•   They are cost effective
•   They have the longest battery life, lifelong battery support (if wired)

•   They are vulnerable to triggering false alarms
•   They may detect animals (depends upon the weight of the animal)

Sensors can be damaged by
1.   Intense light
2.   Water

So, you must choose a suitable location for installing sensors.

Magnetic and Metallic Probe Sensors:
As the name clearly states they can detect metal of vehicles, they have another special feature that they are not visible to the people passing by.

•   They can be buried (special feature)
•   They are most effective at sensing metallic objects.
•   They can detect vehicles
•   They don’t trigger false alarms

•   They can’t detect people
•   They are expensive

Rubber Hose Sensors:
This sensor lies across the driveway and senses the vehicles and objects that drive pass over it and put pressure on the air hose.

•   They can detect heavy objects
•   They don’t trigger false alarms
•   They can detect vehicles

•   They can’t detect people

These sensors don’t work in
1.   Frozen atmosphere
2.   Excessive Water

Beam Motion Sensors:
These are the sensors that come in pair and detect movements of the objects passing through using a technology known as PIR (Passive infra red) beam.

•   They can detect vehicles.
•   They can detect people.
•   They are affordable (not as much as infra red)

•   They can rarely trigger false alarms

They can sustain damage if exposed to:
1.   Water
2.   High intensity light

Before buying a driveway alarm system you must consider your options and figure your requirements, only then you can decide which one is the best driveway sensor alarm to buy.

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