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Driveway Sensor Alarm

Are you always conscious who visits you while you are in the home or away? Best answer to this question is driveway sensor alarm system. Driveway alarm will notify you whenever you have an expected, unexpected and wanted, unwanted visitor. In addition to that, never miss a single person who tries to breach your home’s security.

Nuts and Bolts of Driveway Sensor Alarm:
The motion detecting sensor is the heartbeat of the driveway alarm, installed inside the mounted sensor anywhere in your driveway. When any object (object may be an animal, a person or vehicle) passes through the sensor, a wired or wireless signal is sent to the receiver depending upon the type of sensor alarm used. The alert signal is loud enough to be heard by the home owner or the user. Most alarm driveway alarm systems produce a high pitch chime sound that is very pleasant to listen.

Types of Driveway Sensor Alarms:
Every now and then you may see some minor changes in the products hitting the market but all of them have mainly three types of sensors.

Passive Infrared Sensors:
These sensors use PIR beam (passive infra red) which senses heat and alerts the home owner if any object passes through the beam.

•   Detects people, vehicles
•   Cheap in cost
•   Relatively easy to install
•   Can’t detect animals
•   Prone to false alarm triggers

Magnetic Probe Sensors:
This sensor uses a magnetic coil to detect the movements of metallic objects in the close vicinity. However, these sensors can’t detect people as they are purpose built to detect the activity of metallic objects.

•   Detects all type of metal objects
•   Can be buried
•   Relative expensive than infrared alarms
•   Rare false alarms

Rubber Hose Sensors:
These sensors work on the phenomenon of pressure, whenever pressure is applied on these hoses, air gets pushed all the way up to the hose and alarm is triggered.

•   Detects only heavy moving objects (vehicles)
•   No false alarms
•   Can’t detect animals, people
•   Does not work in extreme cold weather conditions (frozen ice, snow etc)

Types of Driveway Alarms:

Driveway alarms come in two basic types, wired and wireless.

Wired Alarm System:
•   More reliable as compared to their counterpart
•   Difficult to install
•   Most convenient for houses, buildings under construction
•   Expense can increase if the wire needs to cover a long distance
•   Lifetime battery support
•   Can be connected to home security and home automation system

Wireless Alarm System:
•   Easy to install
•   Frequent battery changes required
•   Expensive
•   Increased line of sight
•   Buildings and tree may decrease the transmission range

How do Driveway Alarms Work?
The driveway sensor alarms work on the phenomena of detecting, sensing and alerting. Homeowners have a wide range of options when it comes to choose how you get alert by the sensor.

Possible Options:
Your alarms can be connected to the security cameras and user can get the live camera feed of the driveway.
1. Some alarm comes with built-in bells or sirens to alert the home owner.
2. Some alarms are connected to the telephone and home owner gets alert by the ring of the telephone (however this method is least preferred)
3. The wireless driveway alarm systems can also be connected to Wi-Fi and you may get alert call on the internet (best approach, if you are not in home but it requires fast internet connection)
4. These are the few prominent accessories that help you receive in-time alert calls, however they must be selected depending upon your requirements. Are you having confusion in how to select a driveway alarm system?

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