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Driveway Security Alarm

The security of your family and property is major issue that needs to be taken care of these days. Violating the premises of a private or commercial area is a real headache and these security breaches can be very harmful both monetarily and mentally. Day by day the crime stats are increasing and with the passage of time the security of your property may be compromised if you don’t take necessary precautionary measures. The best way to stop all these security breaches is to install a driveway security alarm system.

What Driveway Security Alarms Can Do For You?
Driveway sensors and security alarms can prove to be the real deal if you want to protect your commercial and private property. Preventing your property is the best measure and a driveway security sensor alarm can help you achieve the task.
•   Detect moving vehicles and people
•   Low cost solution to the potentially dangerous problem
•   Hidden from the eye (not all)
•   Can sense metal objects (guns, arms, knives etc)

What are your Options?
When it comes to choose the security sensor alarms you have several choices, but all of them depends upon what is your requirement. There are several purpose built driveway sensor alarms, every product has its specialized focus on activity.

Mainly all the alarms come in two different forms, wired and wireless. Both of the sensor alarms have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose either of these two depending upon your requirement.

Wired Driveway Systems:
Wired alerting systems have two components, a sensor and receiver. Sensor detects the activity while the receiver alerts the user about the activity.

•   Reliable
•   Long Lasting Batteries (some may have lifelong batteries)

•   Difficult to install

Wireless Driveway Systems:
Wireless sensors and alarm system can be very handy in a commercial or residential environment, they have three components, a sensor, receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter sends a wireless signal to alert the owner via receiver.

•   Distant line of sight
•   Easy installation
•   Cheap in price

•   Requires frequent battery changes
•   Buildings and trees reduces the transmission distance

Types of Driveway Security Alarms:
Passive Infrared:
•   Sense heat
•   Sense vehicles, humans
•   Low cost
•   Long battery life

•   Prone to false alarms
•   May detect animals
•   Affected by high intensity lights

Magnetic/Metallic Probes:
•   Can be buried
•   Non visible
•   Effective at sensing metal

•   Can’t detect people
•   Expensive

Rubber Hose:
•   Detects heavy objects
•   No false alarms

•   Can't detect people
•   Can’t function properly in frozen atmosphere

What We Can Do For You?
Driveway Alarm Products was established to help people find the best products with ease, we have a huge stock filled with the very best and latest driveway alarm systems that fit your requirements to the very best. We also provide a satisfying customer support that separates us from the rest.

How to Buy From Driveway Alarm Products?
The website interface has been specially designed in a user friendly way, just to provide a better buying experience. Well maintained categories and search support can help you find the product in a blink of an eye.

Before you make your mind to install a driveway alarm system you must ask yourself following questions.
1.   What kind of environment do you live in?
2.   What is the minimum transmission distance you need?
3.   Why you want to install this system?
4.   How many sensors can fulfill your requirement?

Feel very free to comment and let us know what you have to say.

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