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How to Select a Wireless Driveway Alarm System?

Installing a driveway alarm system is relatively easy than actually choosing the kind of wireless driveway alarm system. There are people who don’t figure out their exact needs and they don’t have a clue how to select a wireless driveway alarm system. Selection of the security system depends upon a lot of factors, if you don’t pay attention to the important details you might end up buying the wrong products. Here is a guide that will help you to select a wireless driveway sensor alarm system.

Determine The Transmission Range:
Distance plays an important part in sensing the objects, you have to decide how much transmission range will be suitable for you that meets your demand. Basically this is the distance between the receiver and the sensor placed to detect moving objects. A good wireless system transmits 1000 feet in open environment while the transmission range falls to 150-350 feet through the walls or buildings.

Why Do You Need It?
Before going out in the market to buy any system you must ask yourself few questions.
•   Do you want to detect vehicles only?
•   Do you want to detect the movements of unwanted people?
•   Do you want to detect the animals?
•   Do you want to get notified by the movements of vehicles, people and/or animals?
•   Do you want it to be connected to the home security alarm system?
•   Do you want it to keep stranger s and burglars off the premises?
•   Do you want it to alert you on security breaches?

You must be very clear in your need for the system, it will help you decide the best and suitable products.

Standalone System or Connected System?
Wireless driveway systems can work both as standalone security systems as well as a part of home automation system. As a standalone system, it will work completely as an independent unit. If connected to Home Automation system, it will work together and it may allow the alarm to produce noise or display a live webcam feed if you someone breaches the home security and alarm is triggered.

What is Your Environment?
You must be very clear to the following questions.
•   Are there any hills in close vicinity?
•   Are there a lot of trees in the locality?
•   Are there any tall buildings near your property?
•   Do you live in country side area?
•   Do you live in an area it rains too much?
•   Do you live in an area that experiences an excessive snowfall?

Home and Surrounding:
You must figure out the number of sensors that you need to install in your property. You may need to install sensors on multiple driveways and house entrances. Large houses often require large number of sensors.

Transmitters and Sensors:
You must be very careful in selecting transmitters and receivers.

You must know:
•   Will the sensor work in intense light?
•   Will the sensor work in intense heat?
•   Will the sensor work in intense cold?
•   Will the sensor work in temperatures below 0?
•   Will the sensor work in dark or night?
•   Will the sensor need frequent battery changes?
•   Will the sensor wear out with the passage of time?
•   Will the sensor be damaged by weight?
•   Is the sensor and transmitter waterproof?

After you have addressed all these much needed issues, you will be very clear in what you really need and our product selection page should help you with your choice.

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