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Driveway Alarm Systems

Driveway Alarm Products (a division of EZ CyberQuest, Inc.) has a wide variety of wired and wireless Driveway Alarm systems that monitor the entry of your driveway for people and/or vehicles. The Driveway Alarms have a motion detector sensor that will provide a security alert chime / alarm when its sensors detect visitors. By installing a Driveway Alarm security system for your home or commercial business you will always be notified when someone enters your property, driveway or drive-thru. You can also add additional wired or wireless driveway sensors and driveway alert devices (receivers) to provide an even greater level of entry security via an alert chime, bell / siren, or automated announcer.

There are three types of wired and wireless driveway sensors to choose from:

Infrared Driveway Alarms (driveway motion detector / driveway motion sensor)
These alarm systems detect the movement or motion of people walking, vehicles moving, and large animals in motion. This is the best choice if you need to detect people in your driveway, yard, entry way, etc.

Metal Sensing Probes (magnetic metal detection)
This driveway alarm system detects the movement of metal vehicles only. This is the system if you want to avoid detecting animals and people moving. The sensor probe may be located near any metal, it only triggers when a vehicle near it moves!

Rubber Air Hose
These devices only detect the weight of vehicles driving over them. These are ideal where the detection of people or animals is not desired, and where ice or snow will not disable the hose.

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Wireless Driveway Alarms

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Driveway Motion Sensors / Detectors

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Air Hose Sensor
Wireless Range
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Wireless Range
(600' to 1000')

Wireless Range
(1001' to 2000')

Wireless Range
(2001' to 2 miles)

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